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> On Monday, 2013-07-29, wrote:
> > So how to do it? We would still want to access settings in the code through
> > QSettings, and presumably, when dconf makes it's way into Qt, it will be in
> > the form of a new back-end for QSettings.
> Very unlikely. QSettings is one of the classes everybody would like to be
> replaced with something better but for which nobody had time yet.

Are you sure? To me it seemed people disliked the ini- files. Not so much QSettings.

Anyway I believe QSettings will stay for the duration of qt5 - at least.

Br. Chr.

> > I've had a (very) cursory look at the dconf-api, and I think this is
> > possible.
> Indeed. As far as I understand is uses a mixture of mmap#ing and D-Bus, both
> of which are fully supported by Qt by QFile and QtDBus respectively.
> Might even be viable as a stop-gap measure to wrap the GObject client library
> until a real Qt implementation can be made for upstreaming into whatever will
> replace QSettings.
> The dependency and type conversion overheads should be fairly acceptable even
> for something that is used in application startup code.
> Cheers,
> Kevin
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