2013/11/19 Stephan Sokolow <gmane.ssokolow@spamgourmet.com>
On 13-11-19 01:10 PM, christian@surlykke.dk wrote:
> Well, it's a fix, yes. But I think it is wrong to hardwire the use of
> pcmanfm-qt. LXDE-Qt should be a modular desktop system, meaning if a
> user wants to use another file manager, things should still be able to
> work. That is best achieved (IMHO) by letting xdg scripts do their thing
> without lxde-qt components getting involved.

That's actually one reason I suggested advocating for the LXDE special
case to be removed from xdg-open as soon as PCManFM on every
still-supported release uses mimeapps.list to store that setting.

When the LXDE support was added, xdg-open didn't have support for
falling back to the cross-desktop standard. Now that it does, it really
has no reason to be using a desktop-specific lookup on any desktop
that's spec-compliant.

I think we agree fully here. But it would be somewhat faster to change an environment variable, than to push a change and get a new release of xdg (these release does not seem to happen very often these days). Also it might make make sense for LXDE-Qt to set that environment variable to something different than what LXDE(-classic) does. They are different desktops after all. Changing the environment variable does not preclude pushing for a change of xdg-open.

br. Chr. 

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