hello all,

yesterday i made PKGBUILD packages for all the components to put in the aur today or tomorrow , one question remains , whats the license details for them all?

another thing is the existing package for pcman-fm-qt , i already asked the maintainer to change it to the sourgeforge repo. 

ps is it ok if i maintain the new packages?

and i was trying to get the panel working too but i didn't get it working yet :p

also for the group or super package i was thinking to include some sort of script that uses the aur to get the packages and install them, like yaourt but only for LXQT or is this overkill?

ps in spare time i wish to join or contribute to the project!

met vriendelijke groeten,

Steven Vanden Branden

2013/10/24 Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com>

The panel has issues. Namely it's not showing up at all. I've pinged
PCMan about some setup issues too.

Overall, it works but barely, there's a lot of work to do. I'm seeing
development pick up on it which is great. We need more volunteers :)

J. Leclanche

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