2013/8/7 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>
Cool! I just tested libqtxdg and it compiles well.
There are some issues I'd like to ask for opinions.

1. component naming:
Should we use "lxqt-" prefix proposed earlier or it's better to use
"lxdeqt-"? It's a little weird sometimes that the binary name is
different from project name.

2. dir naming:
Should the config and data dirs be named lxqt, or lxdeqt, or lxde-qt?

3. API naming:
Should we retain Razor* names for all of the APIs for backward
compatibility, or we need to rename them to LxQt* and do typedef for
Razor ones for backward compatibility?

4. C++ Namespace:
Should we prefix every class name with "Razor" (or "LxQt", "LxdeQt"),
or we should use C++ namespace? (for ex: Razor::Panel or
LxdeQt::Panel). We used C++ namespace in lxde-qt, but if you prefer
the current way, I'm OK with adding prefix to every class name and
ignore C++ namespace, too.

5. There seems to be different parts of global shortcut stuff put
separately in three places. librazorqt, and the other 2 libs in
razor-qt/libraries. What's the relationship among them? Can we
simplify this and put them in one single component?

1. The lxqt is better, the lxdeqt is too long. Btw, what is official naming, LXDEQT, LXDEQt? 
2. lxqt.
3. We should to rename classes. While we porting the code, we can use typedef, but before release we completely get away from the razor.
4. The namespace is good for me, but what is namespace? LxdeQt, LXDEQt, LxQt or what?
5. @Kuzma IMHO razor-global-key-shortcuts-client and razor-global-key-shortcut-selector is madness, let's use some like lxqt-shortcuts-client and lxqt-shortcuts-selector.

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