2014-04-25 12:32 GMT+04:00 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>:
On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Ryan Bramantya <ryanbram@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everybody.

> LXQT is Linux-specific, while Lumina is targeting FreeBSD (although it would
> probably only take a few minor changes to make it work on Linux too). The
> Razor-QT project (which LXDE has merged with) has been notoriously
> Linux-centric, such that it could not even be ported over to FreeBSD, so I
> don't get my hopes up that anything they produce will work on FreeBSD.
LXQt is not Linux-centric. It's Linux-friendly.
It's just because the developers are all using Linux, so we can
support it better.
If there are some FreeBSD developers who can join us, I'm sure we can
make it work for BSD.
Some time ago I rewrote big part of the code by request of BSD users. I improved BSD compatibility. But on my request for testing I don't get any response.

Several panel applets are using Linux-specific thing like
upower and udisks,but they can be turned off.
I can say more, all that parts has plugin architecture, and it's made especially for OS agnostics. So all need for the xxxBSD support, is write HAL plugin (or what now is used in the xxxBSD) and use it instead upower/udisk plugins.

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