Hi Alexis,
so if I understand correctly the "change layout applet" is part of the lxpanel code, I cannot work separately, and what you made is to create another external applet, am I right?
I don't have clear yet how it works with the applets in lxde, are all of them embedded into the panel code or there is a standard way to connect to the panel from external code?

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 11:08 PM, Alexis Lopez Zubieta <azubieta@estudiantes.uci.cu> wrote:
Hello Giuseppe:

I was working with an application (lxkb-config, you can find it at the lxde repository in sourceforge) to switch the keyboard layout and other settings of the keyboard. I also modify the lxpanel plugging to integrate it with the application. I guess that put all the application code in a lxpannel plugging will make it consume more memory. If you are interested in reuse the lxkb-config code I can help you.

About porting lxde to gtk3 I was wondering if someone have studied the impact on performance and memory consumption that this could produce, new functionalities always requires more resources . I guess that lxde should not jump into gtk3 until we answer that question.


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Is it possible to work in gtkmm or for performance reason I have to use gtk if I want to be my code accepted?
is there a reason why lxde is not ported to gtk3?
I ported several applications from gtk2 and gtkmm2 to gtk3 and gtkmm3 and it wasn't that hard.

On Sat, Jul 14, 2012 at 12:15 AM, Martin Bagge / brother <brother@bsnet.se> wrote:
On Fri, 13 Jul 2012, Giuseppe Penone wrote:

Is there someone taking care of it? I would work on it if somebody helps me
understand whom I have
to contact and from what code/version I have to work on.

The code sits in the lxpanel repository. Start developing and attach your patch at the patch tracker at sourceforge. Also good if you make the branch public by sending info about your progress here and push changes to a open collab platform like gitorious or such.

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