On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 11:02 PM, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:
    I should admit, VALA code is simpler than pure C due to built-in GTK
classes handling.

gtkmm also does this, I know anyway that while easier to write requires more
memory and being a wrapper it is slower than gtk (I confirm this after writing
several gtk and gtkmm apps for linux embedded boards)
so it is unusable for the LXDE project.

    I was overreacted about "cannot be debugged", I'm sorry. VALA doesn't
generate binary code, it generates C code, like this:

        g_return_val_if_fail (_tmp18_ <= _tmp19_, NULL);
        _tmp20_ = start;
        _tmp21_ = end;
        _tmp22_ = start;
        _tmp23_ = g_strndup (((gchar*) self) + _tmp20_, (gsize) (_tmp21_ - _tmp22_));
        result = _tmp23_;

well, this is more similar to assembly than C :)