Hello Andriy,

I will be happy if you will have some time to look at the launchtaskbar code and
finally decide if it's worth to do the step to remove launchbar and taskbar
or not.

If launchbar and taskbar will not be removed and continue their way I may still
work in launchtaskbar but I would remove the option to work in 3 different ways
and instead would integrate them much more to make the launchbutton and the taskbutton
not only connected but be just one.


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 10:00 PM, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:
    Hello Giuseppe!

Giuseppe Penone has written on Wednesday, 19 February, at 21:17:
>I was very happy to see that launchtaskbar was included in master branch
>but then I see that after this all changes are again applied to separated
>launchbar and taskbar and so they are the future.

>Unfortunately I have really few free time so will not be able to keep
>porting all the bugfixings and improvements from launchbar and taskbar to
>launchtaskbar, furthermore in the mailing list only one person was ever
>interested about this so I'm giving up about this, I'm sorry.

I did nothing for taskbar yet, and I haven't touched launchtaskbar for a
single reason - you told me you are about to do something with it so I
want to avoid any conflicts, it's why I continue to avoid doing anything
in it. I still agree single plugin is much better that three ones - you
have probably noticed I get rid of pager vs wnckpager so they both are
represented by a single plugin and I hope launchtaskbar may go the same
way - single plugin for three kinds of functionality. Though until it did
that we should support separate plugins and I hoped that my changes in
the launchbar plugin will help you to apply changes to the launchtaskbar
plugin. Don't give up on it, please. If you aren't able to do something
for it right now then don't worry but tell me and I'll do it eventually.



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