On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 2:16 PM, Pierre Gobin <lubuntu@pierregobin.fr> wrote:
Could we imagine that "launchtask" plugin includes an option that permit
to have only the taskbar or the launchbar, or both ? In these
conditions, we could remove launchbar and taskbar plugins, and the code
would be easier to maintain.

yes this should be trivial to implement, I can do it and later we'll see if it works fine covering all possible needs.

Le 14/09/2013 22:41, Giuseppe Penone a écrit :
> I thought about not merging taskbar and launchbar but just adding
> client/server communications (e.g. with dbus) but this introduces a
> lot of complexity, not to mention that in future I was also thinking
> about try to make a single icon grid out of the 2 current separate
> icon grids (launch and task), so really making it a docking like unity
> or windows 7 or kde.
> I'm aware not only Andrij but also other users want separate launch
> and task, somebody even has more launchers in separate places, in my
> opinion we have to keep them both, I will take care of porting fixes
> to separate launch and task to integrated launchtask.

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