I'm interested in improving the lxpanel and started to work on it in the last times
but my experience is still minimal, in future I could be more useful.

BTW I would like to create an applet that displays all the mounted locations
(local and network drives) and allows to unmount them, I know that this can
be done from the file manager but in my opinion it should be clearly visible also on the panel.

Just a consideration, I know that everybody use git in the linux world
but in my experience mercurial and tortoisehg are way simpler and better.

On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 2:00 PM, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi list,
I'd like to know if there are develoeprs in the community willing to
take over the maintaince of lxpanel.
This component is still actively developed by many contributors from
the community.
However, the upstream maintainer who can integrate the contribution
done outside lxde is lacking.
Thankfully we just got a new developer, Andriy, for the file manager
so things improve rapidly in this area.
We finally fixed most of the old bugs and a new release is incoming.
Andriy even documented the library used by pcmanfm so now we have real
API docs for libfm.
Julien Lavergne just took over LXSession development.
Wao Wei is now maintaining LXTerminal.
For the other major component of the desktop, lxpanel, is there anyone
interested in taking over it?

Thank you all.

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