Well, people complaining about vala here missed some points.

1. This brings no additional dependency as it generated plain C code.

2. It's very easy to link C code and Vala code together.

3. You can call Vala code from plain C and call C from Vala directly.

4. Of course applets/plugins can completely be written in plain C. So existing code does not need to be ported to Vala at all. Porting will be easy.

5. The performance of Vala code is almost the same as C code. It only added some safety checks to prevent crashes, which are good.

6. Using new versions of vala causes no problems at all. The tarball generated by Automake  actually ships the generated C code along with vala code. That means, you only need a C compiler when building from the tarball.

Given the above reasons, language choice is not an issue and plain C language can be used together. So contributors who only want to use C can continue using it.
The only valid point is debugging can be affected due to the poorer readability of the generated code.


On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 2:46 AM, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
Here are some news about lxpanel2.

I just finished multi-screen / multi-monitor support.
One can have different panels on different monitors.
Besides, one can also have multiple panels on the same side.
Positioning and sizing of the panels also becomes more flexible.
The latest code in the online git repo is in a much better shape now.

Currently you have to edit the config file manually.
Later I'll finish GUI configuration dialogs.
What's lacking now are good applets.