On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 2:31 AM, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

Sérgio Marques has written on Monday, 30 December, at 17:34:
>2013/12/30 Stephan Sokolow <gmane.ssokolow@spamgourmet.com>

>> Keep it under Tools. That's the best place for it.

    All of HIG require that any menu should contain 3 items or more, and
only exception is a Help menu. We got only 2 options for Tools:
 - Open Current Folder in Terminal
 - Find Files...

And since 'Open Current Folder in Terminal' matches File menu very well,
we got only one stray option under Tools menu, and that case (1 option)
is denied, it's why we should move it to other menu.

    Also speaking of other file managers - Dolphin has built-in advanced
search and it has it under Edit menu, it's why I think it might belong
there. Neither Nautilus nor Thunar have any kind of advanced search.

>Better choice than mine.

>I agree with this one.

>> In traditional applications, both "File" and "Edit" refer to the current
>> document, which means that, in a file manager, "Edit" is expected to
>> apply to the selected files and as a way to make Ctrl+F "find in current
>> folder only" search discoverable via the GUI.

>> (Which is why I think it's incredibly stupid of the GNOME devs to try to
>> convince everyone to put application-wide Preferences there. They're
>> letting the literal meaning of the menu's title blind them to the
>> underlying concept which it's supposed to represent.)

>> As for the File menu, that's for creating/opening/closing documents (in
>> the case of a file manager, tabs, windows, or blank files). Putting a
>> search function in there makes about as much sense as putting it under
>> View because you want to "View" the results of your search or putting it
>> under "Go" because you'll probably want to go to one of the results
>> after you find it.

>> If it's the sparseness of the Tools menu that you're concerned about,
>> why not allow users to add custom entries to it?

    Well, you probably mean support for placing user-defined actions on
the toolbar so you advice to have mirror of toolbar in the Tools menu. It
might be OK if we already supported toolbar extension but we currently
support only context menu, and toolbar wouldn't be available in 1.2 yet,
we've placed a deadline for 1.2. So (at least for now) we have to put the
'Find Files...' into some other menu. I'm sorry.

>> On 13-12-30 10:39 AM, Andrej N. Gritsenko wrote:
>> >      What do you think, where "Find Files..." belongs to - the File menu
>> > or the Edit menu? Search usually is in Edit menu but search in pcmanfm
>> > opens new window/tab with search results so probably it should be in the
>> > File menu instead? I would like to know your opinions on that.

    With best regards.

I forgot to tell you.
In my original plan, I'd like to add more tools under the Tools menu.
Due to limited time, I haven't do it.
Actually it's even possible to make the Tools menu extesible so people can extend that menu with some config files, such as via the DES-EMA spec.
So, I strongly suggest keeping that menu and avoid moving menu items during version upgrades.
There will be more than 3 items in the future.