As the LXDE components are deliberately kept independent of each other 
so they can be used easily outside LXDE, we previously use a 
"rolling stone" release model. Each component gets updated independently.
This works great initially. However, as the project grows, some
components more or less became more integrated with others.
In addition, owing to the rolling stone model, components are updated randomly.
It may be more difficult for distribution makers and users to track all of the changes.
When a release will be available is always unknown and unexpected.
It's not possible to fix all the bugs all the time. So when is a component good enough and ready for a release?
Having a regular release cycle and fixing as many bugs as we can before the release date might be a better approach.
I'd like to propose a regular release cycle synchronized with the release cycle of major distros.
Set a release date, fix as many bugs as we can, and then do the release as scheduled if there are no major blockers.
Any comments or objection on this?

Thank you!