Hi all,
To simpify LXDE, I did some experiment last night.
Since LXSession and LXSession Edit actually are used together, I merged them and make them the same package.
Though LXSession Edit is originally designed to be desktop independent and can work under other DEs, I found no real use case of this.
To ease the maintaince, I moved LXSession Edit into LXsession so they will have concurrent update and there will no longer be any version mismatch between these two.

For LXPolkit, since udisks and other services requires a proper PolicyKit agent, a Polkit agent is a must-have for modern desktop environment. The authentication agent runs on session startup and terminates when the session terminates. It has the same lifespan as the desktop session. So to avoid unnecessary daemons, I merged PolicyKit with LXSession. Now the PolicyKit agent is built-into LXSession and runs in the same process. So no additional authentication agents, such as policykit-gnome or lxpolkit need to be installed. This decreased number of daemons and packages.

Some may argue that session manager should not be mixed with other stuff. This is true most of the times. However the rationale behind this move is quite simple. These daemons are all essential parts of the DE. They have completely the same lifespan and they should work together. They are all small and simple. So putting them in one single daemon should be better than running many separate daemons in terms of resource usage and efficiency. In addition, it will be easier for upstream developer and packager to maintain.

To sum up, these three packages became one single LXSession package now and the policykit agent runs in the process of lxsession rather than as a separate daemon. For those who still missed policykit-gnome and want to use it, try lxsession --disable-polkit to disable the built-in policykit agent and to run your own instead.

It's not the final decision and it's put in a branch called "integration".
branch "integration"

Please test and give some comments. Thanks.