The problem is, we did not use much XFCE code and all used XFCE stuff are clearly documented in either source code or COPYING. Even better, it's listed in about dialog of pcmanfm. So what's the problem?
The only two things we took from XFCE is ExoIconView and ExoTreeView from libexo, which is only a small fraction of libexo.
Besides, lxtask is a modified older version of xce4-task-manager.
Both components has clear copyright notice for the used code.
Any constructive suggestions are welcome, but FUDs are not.
Using FUDs to attack LXDE doesn't seem to be a good way to promote XFCE.
I hope the FUD is not from XFCE devs, but from some ignorant supporters only.
Otherwise it will be quite disappointing.

On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 11:45 PM, Chris Watkins <> wrote:
It will be worth asking whether mib_77koor's views are widespread, or whether it's someone who argues that way with everybody. They were being argumentative, and it's likely that they're not someone to take very seriously.

But at the same time, it's a good idea to be nice to the Xfce people and let them know that Xfce's open source contributions are appreciated, and see if there is any problem.


On Tue, Sep 6, 2011 at 22:03, Martin Bagge / brother <> wrote:
I guess someone pissed off some XFCE peeps today. Anyone know people
over there and can ask them if we can help in some way?

Looks like someone want us to give more credit to XFCE where due, I
think we have done more than what is needed. The general thing is that
you should NEVER release something using a license granting others more
freedom than you want.

I have no idea who the anonymous user mib_77koor is.
s0ulslack on the other hand should be Tony Annen and he is listed as
XFCE contributor at freenode and is a forum moderator for XFCE among
other things, not sure about code contributions.

So if anyone has connections and can get this sorted in a more sane way
than getting insults and be called a liar I urge you to help with this.
Or send me the contact point and I will try to talk with them to see
what the /real/ problem is.

[16:37:13] �� mib_77koor ( has joined #lxde
[16:37:34] <mib_77koor> someone was claiming that lxde uses a lot of
xfce code is this true?
[16:38:14] <brother-> no
[16:38:34] <pAt_> would be too slow then ;)
[16:40:34] �� s0ulslack ( has joined
[16:40:53] <s0ulslack> why do you guys insist on not acknowledging you
forked alot of Xfce?
[16:41:04] <s0ulslack> since you didn't give proper credit its more like
you ripped it
[16:41:23] <brother-> as far as I know the parts that are borrowed is
documented in the git repos
[16:41:38] <s0ulslack> borrowed?
[16:41:40] <brother-> s0ulslack: you can send patches for those things
if you think they are lacking
[16:41:42] <s0ulslack> the whole panel is borrowed
[16:41:48] <brother-> is that a problem?
[16:41:56] <brother-> as far as I know it is open source
[16:41:59] <s0ulslack> I'd just be nice to see Xfce get credit besides
in src files where no one looks
[16:42:03] <mib_77koor> brother-: you just said No it doesn't contain
xfce code.
[16:42:06] <brother-> if it is not we have a serious problem
[16:42:17] <brother-> mib_77koor: I did not. please reread
[16:42:49] <brother-> s0ulslack: have you read the about dialogs?
[16:42:50] <mib_77koor> brother-: Ahh I guess the qualifier "a lot" is
your way of justifying your lie?
[16:43:01] <brother-> mib_77koor: gmme a break
[16:43:10] <s0ulslack> have a nice day boys ;-)
[16:43:13] �� s0ulslack ( has quit ()
[16:43:13] <brother-> mib_77koor: you were referring to the complete
lxde component stack
[16:43:14] <mib_77koor> brother-: dont lie...
[16:43:21] <brother-> "a lot"
[16:43:31] <brother-> I don't think we used alot of the code
[16:43:44] <mib_77koor> brother-: I hope you dont use "alot" of code
[16:43:56] <mib_77koor>
[16:44:28] <brother-> mib_77koor: ok. I am sorry. Very. I missed a
space. I hope I didn't ruin your day
[16:44:48] <brother-> mib_77koor: hate to break it for you, english is
not my native tounge either
[16:45:06] <mib_77koor> brother-: either way you are hiding behind a
qualifier and I think any other person would say that a whole
                        panel system is a lot of code.
[16:45:46] <brother-> a) what qualifies as a lot of code is subjective
[16:45:52] <brother-> b) what difference does it make
[16:46:07] <mib_77koor> brother-: in fact people were yelling when vista
released because it had a vertical panel called: gadgits which
                        is close to mac's widgits.
[16:46:11] <brother-> c) it is still open source
[16:46:23] <brother-> vista? how is this at all relevant?
[16:46:25] <mib_77koor> brother-: doesn't matter if its open source, I
am not saying its wrong
[16:46:32] <mib_77koor> brother-: I am saying you lied.
[16:46:35] <brother-> mib_77koor: but you called /me/ a liar
[16:46:44] <mib_77koor> you did
[16:46:48] <brother-> mib_77koor: so that was because of what?
[16:47:07] <mib_77koor> because you lied by saying no, xlde doesn't use
a lot of xfce code.
[16:47:09] <brother-> mib_77koor:  I told you that I don't think that we
have used a lot of xfce code in the LXDE component stack
[16:47:11] <mib_77koor> which it clearly does/
[16:47:16] <brother-> mib_77koor: YOU on the other hand think that is true
[16:47:28] <brother-> mib_77koor: we have different subjective thoughts
and they will clash
[16:47:29] <mib_77koor> well I just learned about it
[16:47:40] <mib_77koor> brother-: dispite you hiding it
[16:47:41] <brother-> mib_77koor: your conclusion of that is that you
are the judge and you can call me a liar
[16:47:48] <mib_77koor> anyways im not hear to argue
[16:48:01] <brother-> mib_77koor: I find your way of doing arguments
very irritating but I will not call you names because of that
[16:48:11] <brother-> mib_77koor: so what mission are you here for?
[16:48:14] <mib_77koor> just next time don't "hide the truth" or hide
behind qualifiers
[16:48:33] <brother-> mib_77koor: next time; present how to measure a lot
[16:48:35] <mib_77koor> brother-: I was trying to prove someone wrong
that lxde doesn't use a lot of xfce code but it obviously does,
                        good day.
[16:48:50] <brother-> I still think we don't use the subjective amount
of code that wualifies for a lot
[16:49:09] <brother-> and you think we do
[16:49:14] �� mib_77koor ( has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)

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