How about fixing this part with libwnck?
Previously lxpanel did some dirty Xlib stuff inside tasklist.c.
Since the latest lxpanel already uses a small part of libwnck, I think it's a good idea to fix this part with libwnck instead of touch Xlib low level stuff ourselves.

In the new lxpanel2, I already start using libwnck 3.0 and it works very well.
BTW, a very primitive version of lxpanel2 might be available soon.
However, gtk3 is quite different from gtk2 in some ways, especially the widget geometry handling. I'm still learning about that part and will put lxpanel2 online when it's usable.

Using vala indeed makes development faster and easier, but due to various bugs of vala, it sometimes generates wrong C code which does not compile. So, it's not a silver bullet, either. :-)

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:41 AM, Радик Юсупов <> wrote:
05.02.2012 16:48, Henry Gebhardt пишет:
> Dear list members, dear Julien,
> although I haven't received much feedback on this patch, I do think it
> fixes the issue mentioned in this thread, and in any case it does fix an
> issue I could reproduce on my machine, and I found basically the same
> fix in the lxpanelx branch, so please consider merging the gtk2-fixes
> branch from my usual place:
>      git://
> I hope I used the correct URL this time.:)
It works! :)
Thank you!

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