On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 10:17 PM, TabletHater <acarbura@gmail.com> wrote:
As well as qtcurve-qt, bespin-svn can be compiled as qt-only too which has the benefit of configurability unlike qtcurve-qt and is better than qtconfig-qt4. These two were the only means of having a relatively fine experience when I had a qt-only fluxbox system.

I tried fusion-qt4 on my Archlinux system. It works as advertised and I encountered no problems so far. We only need better color schemes.
Most of the time I use Cleanlook. Tried qtcurve before and I also like it.
Getting rid of Oxygen by default, which is KDE-dependent, is possible, I think.
I had created some colour schemes (Trolltech.conf presets) manually, using qtconfig-qt4 which is a pain in the xxx as it has a disfunctional colour chooser to which a great alternative exists now: https://github.com/mbasaglia/Qt-Color-Picker.

Though this would likely be the job of distro developers, it would be nice for users to have a few tried and tested Trolltech.conf presets.

I totally agreed with that.
KDE uses its own color schemes and I studied it earlier, but it seems that their solution only applies to KDE-based software, not plain Qt.
For plain Qt applications, the colors are not as configurable and the choices are quite limited.
We, however, can provide some preset color schemes. I agree with you.

The UI of qtconfig-qt4 is just horrible. We need something better in lxqt-config-appearance. It's priority is not that high, though.
At least we should make the whole desktop session work reliably, and start adding new features. I'm willing to improve this part later.
Sorry if all these sound foolish as I'm just an end user and thanks a lot for your good work.

No, it's not foolish at all. Actually user experience is one of the only things that really matter. It takes some time to improve the programs, though.
On Wednesday, February 29, 2012 2:34:42 AM UTC+2, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
Well, after several improvements to Juffed, I finally got rid of my last KDE libs.

But ouch, that means no more Oxygen. Thankfully oxygen-icons are properly packaged without dependencies on KDE, but the oxygen Qt theme has deep dependencies on KDE.

I had a look at it and it pulls its dependencies between kde-workspace and kdelibs. I tried forking it and compiling it on its own; most of it is easy but I end up getting lost, especially when porting the cmakelists.

Are there any volunteers in working on something like that? Qt has very few themes, and most of them are garbage. Oxygen happens to be extremely good, and none of its actual painting depends on KDE from what i can see (it's mostly configuration utilities).

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