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I'd play a devil's advocate here.

What's real profit of this potential move? (except "yeah, it looks cool")

"We should just make sure modules never crash! ;-)" - it speaks for itself = impossible.

I agree with Petr here. In my experience bug-free software is rather rare :-)

So you guys both can guarantee that modules as applications will be bug-free? ;-)

Will it make development easier? A standalone app can be started, killed, run under gdb/valgrind (yes, I do it time by time). How can I examine eg. panel library with valgrind in this lib-approach? Output will be obfuscated by false positives from desktop etc...

that's only what I can think about in few minutes... but it does not mean I'm strictly against it. I'm just not a friend of "rapturous" changes ;)


A few more points:

- It's not just crashing that's a problem. There would, I presume, be *one* event-loop, so if one particular event handler takes long time to finish, everything freezes up.

- Application-modal dialogs become desktop-modal.

Now these are real show-stoppers! No more discussions needed. Idea "modules as libraries" officially failed. With few advantages it has terrible drawbacks.

Actually, this is not a show-stopper. Please see the following API doc.
Just set Qt::WindowModal to the dialogs instead of the default Qt::ApplicationModal and this can be solved easily.
We can limit the scope of dialog modality in this way.
However, there are indeed other problems with the modules approach. So it's probably not what we're going to do ATM.

- Controlling modules/functionality through an external supervisor (systemd/upstart/...) will not be easy.

br. Chr.


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