This plugin was introduced by Fred in 2008.
At that time he wants to develop a lightweight network manager replacement (lxnm).
The plugin was a companion of his lxnm.
For personal reasons, he never finished lxnm and then quit the project.
So of course lxnm was dropped from lxde, and lxnm is in an unmaintained status.
Now network manager is already very mature and quite usable.
Besides, its gnome-applet, despite the name gnome, mostly use gtk+ only.
So I see no reason to maintain a duplicate.


On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 10:17 PM, Henry Gebhardt <> wrote:
Dear LXDE list members,

I've been trying to fix the netstat plugin up a bit, with patches you
can pull from the 'gtk2-fixes' branch at my usual place:


It now compiles fairly cleanly, and doesn't segfault. However, I have
not checked if it actually works other than reporting the correct values
for my wifi connection.

That being said, what to do with this plugin? It seems to mostly
duplicate the functionality of NetworkManager or wicd. So is there any
point in developing it further?

What are your opinions/plans on this?



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