You did so much!!
I need to take a weekend to see what you've done.
Great job!

The problem is, I'm now rewriting "job" related parts with vala and currently they are in "job" branch.
That's a large piece of code so I'm sure there might be some conflicts in the future.

Can you also take a look at our bug tracker and see if you can help?
We need to fix the most important ones of them to have a 1.0 stable release.
Here are known bugs to fix. Maybe you have fixed many of them?

This file manager has the change to be a fairly good one, but it's too buggy ATM and I'm really too busy.
It's very exciting and encouraging that you have these fixes.

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Vadim Ushakov <> wrote:
Various bugfixes and ui impovements for libfm and pcmanfm:

Vadim Ushakov

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