Thanks for the contribution.
Maybe you can consider using upower instead.
Directly reading from /sys is definitely faster.
However, some buggy hardware drivers either reported wrong values or use different formats for the output.
We encountered this problems long time ago while developing a battery plugin for old lxde gtk+ version.
Internally, upower may did many workarounds for them and report correct values to us.
In addition, letting upower monitor for the changes in an event-driven manner is easier than polling it ourselves.
What do you think?

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 2:00 PM, Chen Wayne <> wrote:
Hello List,

I have implemented a new plugin for showing battery icon and remained power percentage on lxqt-panel.

Code is put here:

This plugin periodically checks /sys directory to grab the latest battery information, and shows a corresponding icon and percentage on the right side of lxqt-panel. The current support icon themes are "gnome", "oxygen", and "ubuntu-mono-dark/light".

Please feel free to play it, any comment is very welcome.

I hope this plugin can be integrated into lxqt-panel, and if no problem, I will pull request to the main repository.


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