What kind of conflicts do you have? If you cannot register the same shortcut in both of them simultaneously then it's expected that only one of the gets the control over the shortcut.

I have to try kglobalaccel from kde5 myself to answer in details.

But I can say from my previous experience with kglobalacel from kde4 vs lxqt-globalkeys:
pros of lxqt-globalkeys:
* less dependencies (apparently it's a draw with kglobalacel from kde5)
* different action can be linked to a shortcut: client call, dbus call or app launch
* multiple actions can be linked to a shortcut (wider possibilities including shortcut shadowing, prioritising and so on)

cons of lxqt-globalkeys:
* editor for dbus call binding and app launch is still in progress
* daemon still depends on QtDBus+QtCore (I have plans to get rid even from this dependency - then we'll be able to use the daemon in lxde with gtk clone of editor)

I wouldn't drop lxqt-globalkeys just because there is kglobalaccel. We can make lxqt-globalkeys optional if we need any moment later.


On 14 May 2014 06:14, Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi list

I've been toying with KDE Frameworks lately to see how stable they
have gotten. It was painful but I managed to get Kwin 5 running with
the help of Martin Graesslin! There are some inconsistencies and minor
bugs, but it's a real pleasure to have kwin without a huge chunk of
KDE (though it still pulls in too much, Martin said he's working on

I noticed we have some conflicts between kglobalaccel and
lxqt-globalkeys. I'm not sure where the issue stems from, however I
noticed in the process that kglobalaccel is actually a very mature
framework and only depends on Qt core libraries:

 * Qt5Core (required version >= 5.2.0)
 * Qt5DBus
 * Qt5Gui (required version >= 5.4.0)
 * Qt5Widgets
 * Qt5X11Extras
 * Qt5 (required version >= 5.2.0)

 * X11

 * Qt5Test
 * ECM (required version >= 0.0.13)


API reference:

We've been talking about using Frameworks in some places (eg. Solid)
but I think this could be a good place to start.


J. Leclanche