On 31 October 2013 17:17, PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com> wrote:
I just added "optional" libmenu-cache support to lxqt-panel and lxqt-runner.
Libmenu-cache is a mechanism used to cache the whole generated xdg application menu in lxde previously.
With this we can avoid parsing tons of the *.desktop files and xml files everytime to generate the app menu. We have a cached version of the menu and can load it instead. Once the desktop files are changes, the cache will be kept up-to-date, too. The cache is ugly, but it works well for years in lxde.
The change is optional. When menu-cache is abscent, all qtxdg things are just used as usual.

Besides, since libstatgrab is already used in many places of lxqt-panel and we have the dependency, I'd suggest that we replace libsysstat with it in plugin-sysstat too. Libsysstat and libstatgrab does nearly the same thing. Using libstatgrab directly is just as easy. So we can have less dependency.
What do you think, Kuzma?

libstatgrab gives much less data compared to libsysstat.

Ideally we move some* panel plugins out of panel source code.
*Some means: those with any additional external dependencies: volume, cpuload, networkmonitor, sensors, sysstat, worldclock (not the case for Qt5 since it depends on libicu) etc.
So, panel will have minimum dependencies and we'll have a way to create plugins outside of panel's source tree.



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