On 24 November 2013 04:40, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

    The per-folder configuration is pushed into pcmanfm GIT the 'master'
branch. Any bug reports and suggestions are welcomed. There is some
string which I would like to get any advices from native speakers. It is
the main menu option 'View'->'Save for This Folder' to toggle saving
configurations for current folder on or off. It might be not very good
spelled though. As usual, the shortest string is better to not get the
menu bloated too much.

    Also there is some controversial layout in the application selection
dialog (such as used in libfm-pref-apps or in the 'Open With...' dialog).
It currently shows header: 'File type to be opened: <type description>'
and some tooltip on current tab context in the tab footer. The widget
GtkAppChooserDialog (which does similar thing but in more limited range)
presents a header 'Select an application for <type description> files'
and obviously since there is no tab, there is no footer. I think the
GtkAppChooserDialog header is a bit better to understand what the dialog
does. And also tooltip just below the tab may be a bit confusing because
it's not any different from all other text in the dialog window, I think
it should show the tooltip on tab buttons instead. What do you think?

    Next thing I want you to test is a Dual Pane mode for pcmanfm. It is
available in the 'dual-pane' branch in the GIT now. Yes, the pcmanfm now
can have two panels as old Nautilus or Dolphin can. I very appreciate any
opinions, suggestions and questions. Thank you in advance. :)

I like Konqueror's unlimited split view feature. Is there any chance for this in PCManFM/PCManFM-Qt?
    With best regards.

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