I prefer to have a reminder with text, that I made some changes (description of my changes) 1 or 2 days ago but I didn't commited to CVS. Do I want to do that now?  Or something similar...
Then I know for sure that: 
1. I have to commit.
2. I can see my changes in mail
3. I can also revise my changes or make new
4. When I do everything fine I don't get any mails-reminders.


2011/6/13 Pjotr <pliniusminor@gmail.com>
I have a suggestion which could decrease the number of times that "VCS
commit" is being forgotten. Plus an improvement of backup policies.

Namely this: after each "VCS commit", send an automatic e-mail to the
person who has done the commit, *with an attachment*: a copy of the
the .po file that was just committed.

This has two advantages:
- a translator can easily check whether he has in fact committed his
new translations, which will diminish the chance of oversight;
- a translator receives an automatic backup of the committed .po file,
which decreases the risk of data loss if something happens to the
Pootle server.

What do you think?

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