I installed LXDE on CrunchBang Statler Openbox (Debian Squeeze). It works okay (and is maybe the easiest way to get Debian with LXDE). 

To then be able to run normal CrunchBang (i.e. choosing Openbox session rather than LXDE, at login) I commented out LXSession in the CrunchBang autostart.sh file ( ~/.config/xfce4/autostart.sh ). Otherwise the LXDE settings took over and started a lot of LXDE things that aren't supposed to start in CrunchBang. http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/post/82955/

I really like having the option of the LXDE or CrunchBang desktop - CrunchBang is lighter, but I can test and show off LXDE and let newbies use it.

Actually I've also got a very light version of Xfce installed, as well (it looks a lot like CrunchBang's Openbox option - only slightly heavier in resource usage, and less configuring needed). CrunchBang has a multi-session option, so which was less than 19 MB of additional downloads.

Chris Watkins

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