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Chris> Often with hardcore Linux tools, I hear how great they are, and
Chris> how easy they are, but when I try to use them, they're far from
Chris> easy-to-use or intuitive *for me* (e.g. when I tried emacs),

Did you try http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/tour/ ?

Looking at it now, it confirms to me that it's not of interest to me. It involves learning a whole way of editing and navigating that's much less straightforward than modern software such as browsers, word processors, HTML editors, and indeed other note programs. If you're used to it already, then great, but I don't see the value.

Chris> I confess I've never successfully installed anything from
Chris> source on my own using either make or checkinstall... but I'll
Chris> soon have be using a Debian-based distro, and the Debian
Chris> repositories will meet my needs 99% of the time.)

I just wonder which distro you use that you had need to install from
the source?

That wasn't for emacs - I was just using checkinstall as an example of things that I've been told are "easy". I'm using Crunchbang 8.10 (Ubuntu with a lightweight Openbox desktop, including some LXDE components).



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