Though, since I almost never use
the menu, I have Super+Space bound to gmrun. (An alternative to
LXPanel's run dialog with Tab completion and history support)

On a sidetrack here, but... have you tried dmenu, from the project? Again, it's something I discovered in CrunchBang. It lets you type any part of the command (e.g. start typing torrent to find any command with torrent in it) and it will narrow down to the command you want. I love it - it makes it much quicker and easier for me to find commands.

To get it to display as a nice white-on-black bar at the top, CrunchBang uses the script "" which has the lines:

exe=`dmenu_path | dmenu -nb '#000000' -nf '#FFFFFF' -sb '#FFFFFF' -sf '#000000'` && eval "exec $exe"

and it assigns the shortcut Alt+F3 to the command: ~/.config/dmenu/

I find it super easy to use, but I guess it's a bit too geeky for complete newbies. The one problem is that if you call it and then don't use it (get distracted, change your mind...) then you might not notice, and won't realize why you can't type anything. If that could be fixed (e.g. make it more obvious, bigger and center-screen), it would be a good alternative to gmrun, in my opinion, and wouldn't be dangerous to add to a newbie-friendly distro.

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