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You can use  as much features as you like in both Emacs and org-mode,
i.e. it can be used as quite basic editor..same with orgmode.

Howevr, with the time when you want more, you'll realize it's

Thanks for the info, Gour.

Often with hardcore Linux tools, I hear how great they are, and how easy they are, but when I try to use them, they're far from easy-to-use or intuitive for me (e.g. when I tried emacs), or they throw up errors or end up being very complex for me (e.g. checkinstall, where I tried installing dependency after dependency, guided by a Linux geek who was showing me how easy it was, haha ... I confess I've never successfully installed anything from source on my own using either make or checkinstall... but I'll soon have be using a Debian-based distro, and the Debian repositories will meet my needs 99% of the time.)

I'll get a demo of emacs, but it's probably not for me.

Thanks also Christoph & KDulcimer for the recommendations. I tried notecase and had a look at screenshots for the others... Some of them look like good alternatives to BasKet, for those happy with something a little simpler. None have the BasKet feature (also in MS OneNote, I'm told) of separate boxes for your notes, which can be moved around within the page, color-coded or marked in various ways. Very useful for me. It also handles different kinds of content - e.g. see http://basket.kde.org/screenshots.php

I thought development had stopped on BasKet, but I see there's a version 2.0 Beta now. So I'll try out Gjots2, CherryTree and Osmo, as well as the new BasKet. I suspect it will be a trade-off - I might choose to put up with the huge KDE dependencies to have the BasKet features that I want, but one of the other packages might be a good choice for other users.

One feature I'm hoping to find is that the rich text in the notes program can be copied to and between the notes program and a browser - so I could keep draft blog posts in it, links, formatting and all, or paste in sections of a web page with rich text and links. None that I've tried can do this so far (but hopefully BasKet 2 or one on the others can). For now I keep my blog drafts in a long HTML page, and edit with SeaMonkey Composer, which is very RAM-hungry. A word-processor (OOo3 or AbiWord) is out of the question as they make very messy HTML. Any other suggestions on that are welcome too!

Chris Watkins

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