I think performance optimalizations with lxde is usefull, as I found lxde it is not fast enough.
sometime ago, I test the fedora lxde spin at VirtualBox, with additions installed, and it's really slow, not only slow than WinXP on it, even Win7 is more fast.
maybe it's VirtualBox's problem, but on my real machine, it is slow at desktop start, winxp is more fast.

2010/5/27 Andrea Florio <andrea@opensuse.org>
ok guys... what can i tell him to hack?

he is a good coder, it maintain several parts of openSUSE/SUSE Linux YaST and WebYaST modules, so he is not the 1st coder found on the street..

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From: Josef Reidinger
Date: 2010/5/27
Subject: LXDE and hackweek
To: andrea@opensuse.org

maybe as you know we have in SuSE hackweek when we can hack on something we found usable. I would like support LXDE project. I am quite good at performance optimalizations so if you know if some program has performance problem I am happily look at it. Also if you have another idea how can I support LXDE, then please say it.
Josef Reidinger
YaST team
maintainer of perl-Bootloader, YaST2-Repair, parts of webyast


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