Thanks PCMan.

My own experience with trying various flavors of Linux, and comparing packages for various functions, is that there is a wide choice of packages for everything, but not many that really work well. So when there is a cross-platform packages that does a job really well, that's extremely useful.

For me, PCManFM and LXPanel are very good applications in this way, and probably deserve the most attention.

I don't know about lxsession - when I run CrunchBang, removing lxsession makes very little noticeable change, but it might be more noticeable when running the full LXDE. Maybe it's just less important with the bare-bones approach of CrunchBang (which I like - very light but not as hard as using dwm or other simple window managers). I even prefer the Openbox approach to autostarting progroms with - it's not as user-friendly but not too bad either, and it works. That might be a good medium term approach, until the GUIs can be ready? (I'm just speculating.)

It looks like X Windows might be replaced soon by Wayland, and I guess this will impact lxsession. Considering the limited number of developers working on lxsession, perhaps it makes more sense to plan ahead for Wayland? (Speculating again.)

gpicview seems less important to me, and there are several alternative packages such as viewnior and geequie  - this is just my opinion, but it sounds like a good idea to drop gpicview to focus on other areas.

Unless you're
not going to use programs written for other DEs, it's not possible to
be completely cross-desktop. Gnome apps talks to their session manager
via their own private ways.

I've noticed similar things recently. I like one or two KDE applications, and that means installing 150 or 200 MB of libraries and such to support a small package. It would be possible to "liberate" the packages from some of the libraries, but it might be a big job for a small number of users.

I'm also noticing the speed at which computers are increasing in RAM and power. So for most users, having to install KDE libraries will be no big deal, if they want something from KDE. I mightn't like some of KDE's  design decisions, but I'm not going to fight about it. I guess it's just the essential core of programs that we really want to be as light as possible.

Anyway, I don't know if my comments are helpful, but I want to thank you and all the LXDE developers for your great work.

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 21:02, PCMan <> wrote:
Here is a brief status update for the project.

1. I got stucked by my work in hospital this month, so nothing new was
done for the file manager. Next month I'll continue fixing the
remaining bugs and try to make a new release.
2. One of our major developer, Marty Jack, has left the project. We
thanked him for all the contribution he has done so far.
3. LXPanel is previously maintained by Marty Jack. So now a new
maintainer is needed.
4. The session manager is more or less in a half-done status. I'm now
reading some docs to see how to get X session management support.
Gnome applications used their own dbus-based way to connect to gnome
session manager and this is not cross-desktop. If we want to implement
similar thing, there is no desktop-neutral solution now. Too bad. :-(
After doing seaching again and again on google and RTFM for many
times, there doesn't seem to be a reasonable and desktop-independent
way to handle locking.

The goals of next month:
1. Get the buggy file manager fixed and have a really working release
that sucks less.
2. Try to incoporate x session management thing into lxsession.

The future of the project:
1. The image viewer: I'm not able to maintain gpicview anymore due to
limited time. Previous work done during GSoC is not yet in a usable
status. Help is needed to continue this part, or another solution may
be use Viewnior instead.

2. While trying to solve the remaining problems for the DE, I finally
realized that there is no real cross-desktop solution. Unless you're
not going to use programs written for other DEs, it's not possible to
be completely cross-desktop. Gnome apps talks to their session manager
via their own private ways. In addition, many things are not yet
standardized and programs from different camps all use different
implementations. Since it's not possible for us to support all of
them, we need to make some hard choices.

3. To make desktop components more integrated and to make the desktop
experience smoother, it's not possible to stay completely
desktop-independent and modular. If we're going to make a real DE, we
need to compromise in some areas. However, if we do too much
integration and make the apps bundled together, basically we'll become
XFCE. I have been thinking about this for quite a long time and there
is no single best answer so far.

4. If nobody knows how to get Transifex work correctly as before, we
may need to drop it. :-(

Thanks for all your patience and sorry for all the inconvenience.

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