2009/12/31 Andrea Florio <andrea@opensuse.org>
This patch allow lxdm to Learn about Default Session and Autologin User
from systemwide /etc/sysconfig/something settings files...

Also fedora (on what i know) use that settings (even if on a different
sysconfig files, and only for dafault session).

This patch actually make LXDM able to read ONLY from thos sysconfig
files, and for what i care is enought.

Although I understand the purpose of this patch for system-wide configuration of a Display Manger I question the implementation: Lots of code  (written in C) is  added to parse (most likely error prone) distribution-specific shell Code. 

LXDM is already started by a shell script which loads /etc/sysconfig/i18n and sets LANG. Why not override additional LXDM configuration    
by using additional environment variables or command line arguments?