This release should improve performance when using large playlists. Most important changes from svn log:

* fix all gcc compilation warnings: LXMusic can be compiled using  CFLAGS "-Wall -Werror"
* on_playlist_content_received: request medialib info for whole playlist at once instead of requesting and updating each track successive: 
    This improves speed for loading whole playlist a lot because we get 
    rid of a lot of context switches between lxmusic and xmms2d.
* on_playlist_content_received: use gtk_list_store_insert_with_values:
    This single call is is more efficient on large playlists than calling
    gtk_list_store_append and gtk_list_store_set (which emits also
    row_changed and rows_reordered signals).
* fix memory leak: prev. playlist model/filter not freed when switching playlist
* get rid of xmmsv_propdict_to_dict and thus of a lot of intermediate propdicts allocated on the heap:
    According to Google perftools this reduces heap usage from 24MB to 2MB
    when loading a 4000-track play-list.
* Translation updates