I am getting a feeling that the LXDE team is kind of wide spread. By that I mean that the forum is not that much used as it could be, by the developers. Of course, you have IRC, and the mailing-list, but the easiest way for ordinary folks is to ask questions on the forum.lxde. Hopefully this will increase once people open their eyes for LXDE! :)

The message "This forum is not the best way to contact the developers, please use the Development mailing list and Sourceforge to interact with them." is clear enough, but not so user friendly. I am just saying that, IMO, it may be more appreciated if the developers interacted more with the users via the forum channel rather than forwarding them to a different site. Yes - forums are for everyone, so if anyone can help, they should - not just the developers.

If I may be so bold - pls, I mean no offence to sourceforge - but I feel launchpad is more user friendly this way -  It is more appealing reporting a bug. No offence! Take translation for instance. This is not a bug - but is, at the moment, reported in the tracker in sourceforge, as a taskmanager.... i don't know....

Okei - enough already! LXDE rocks! :) Keep up the good work! I will try helping out whenever I can.