I installed 8.04 minimal with cli only. Added the repo and installed LXDE, dbus, udev, hal.

Now, according to this (on lxde.sourceforge.net )
3 ) Select "LXDE" from GDM / KDM, and login. If you don't have any display manager, run startlxde in your xinitrc.

I do not have a DM, so I did: $ echo startlxde > .xinitrc
But this does not work properly.
- First I noticed that lxde-logout does not shutdown, reboot etc because I am not "root" user; because of the ~/.xinitrc I believe.
- Automounting did not work properly.
- changes in ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml did not have effect - I was not able to change the number of virtual desktops (persistently after logout). This I noticed bumped up to 4 (from 2) when I deleted .xinitrc.

Just thought this information would be of use somewhere