I have found an small bug in the razor-panel plugin "mainmenu". When you launch the menu using a keyboard shortcut it doesn't gain focus and you can't navigate it using the keyboard.

I don't know if this was corrected, in the case it weren't here is my solution.

In the file "razormainmenu.cpp" in the line 130 I have done some changes. Please excuse me, if i'm not sending you a diff file is because i don't know how to build it.
    // Just using Qt`s activateWindow() won't work on some WMs like Kwin.
    // There are two solutions:
    //  activate window with Qt call and then execute menu 1ms later using timer,
    //  or use native X11 ArfPI calls:
    // Record previous active window
    Window previousWindow = xfitMan().getActiveWindow();
    mMenu->exec(QPoint(x, y));
    // Restore previous window

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