On 07/05/14 07:57, Jerome Leclanche wrote:
> Version 0.7.0 of lxqt-appswitcher has also been released. While
> originally part of the LXQt desktop, it is getting a separate and
> final 0.7.0 release.
> lxqt-appswitcher functionality is supposed to be in the window
> manager, and a window manager with proper alt-tab functionality is
> highly recommended. The module will not be getting any further
> updates.

o? I would disagree it's a final version. Maybe I'm only one user of appswitcher, but it works better for me than eg. openbox builtin one. I was quite happy with current status:
 - part of lxqt
 - disabled by default

Also why is it available only from github? Does it mean it's removed from lxqt git repo list?

I'm quite unhappy with this decision but I can live with it...