hi Martin,

is there any actual list of KF, please? I was able to find a Gentoo list only.

I'm really looking forward to test some stuff for lxqt. Hot candidates:

 - kwindowsystem as you propose
 - solid (to replace our weak HW detection)
 - kglobalaccel (to avoid dependencies on libqxt)
 - attica (to share themes etc.)

> Have a look at KF5: KWindowSystem became a tier1 framework depending only on
> Qt (Widgets and X11Extras or WinExtras). I would be very happy if you can make
> use of it and if you need anything or have suggestions to improve the API,
> please tell me (I'm the official maintainer of that framework).
> The NETWM classes are indeed rather low level and are not intended to be used
> by applications. KWindowSystem and KWindowInfo should wrap most useful stuff.