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2013/11/1 Alexis López Zubieta <azubieta@estudiantes.uci.cu>
Julien as I could read the wiki lxSession has and interface to get and set the Environment but update notifications are missing. I could add it but are we going to use lxsession or razorqt-session or a fork of it that I found at github name lxqt-session.
I could probably add it, that makes sense for applications to listen to configuration changes. However, I don't know which session manager will be used. People seems angry with the current state of lxsession, but others sessions manages probably need to be adjust to work nicely.

Julien Lavergne
Well I'm also offering my time to do it. It would be nice if we coordinate work in order to consolidate the lxqt desktop. We need to gather the functionalities that must offer lxqt-session and implement it taking the best from the existent code.

What do yo think?

Best Wishes

Alexis López Zubieta
Nova Light Development Team
University of Informatics Sciences, Cuba