El 22/10/13 11:23, Александр Соколов escribió:
Ok, agreed, we will use a prefix.

There is an additional proposal. In addition to file type lxqtaboutdialog.h we create class-name files like LxQtAboutDialog. Programmer should include them as "<lxqt/LxQtAboutDialog>" Not very convenient mess lowercase-uppercase.

My suggestion,
1. files are put in /usr/include/lxqt
2. additionally create a symlink /usr/include/LxQt ->  /usr/include/lxqt
3. For files LxQtAboutDialog we remove the prefix LxQt.

Programmer will include the header file so:
#include <LxQt/AboutDialog>
the directory is a namespace, filename - a name of the class.

I vote for this variant! It seems more secure and simple.

2013/10/22 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>
On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 5:21 PM,  <u-cxif@aetey.se> wrote:
>> Александр Соколов has written on Tuesday, 22 October, at 12:41:
>> >Variant 1.
>> >   The QTXDG_INCLUDE_DIR is equal "/usr/include". In this case in the code
>> >we use "#include <qtxdg/XdgDirs>". The X11 behave so.
> Namespacing is good.
Second that!
Though variant 2 is easier to write and is more visually appealing,
variant 1 seems to be safer and prevent some conflicts.

>> >Variant 2.
>> >   The QTXDG_INCLUDE_DIR is equal "/usr/include/qtxdg". In this case in the
>> >code we use "#include <XdgDirs>". The Qt4 behave so.
> No namespacing is risky, think of name collisions with someone else's
>  "XdgDirs" or something
> which for whatever reason may happen to be desirable to include in the same
> source file...
> Rune

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