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hi Chris,

here are my 2c about this:

 - the main reason why there is no 'qterminal' in lxqt/razor/whatever DE repo is - I want to make it as a multi-platform application. I use it on X11 *and* OS X. So, for me, is not acceptable to bind it to any "DE framework" etc. *The ability to be used on any (unix-like) platform is the showstopper for me.*

 - in old "razor-qt" times almost all razor developers used qterminal and they provided patches or feedback. Also we made qterminal to fit the DE look and feel etc.

 - I'm really open to accept patches including patches with quite big changes. For example the 'yakuake mode' - I accepted it without problems even I find it quite useless feature (for me of course).

 - definitely, I cannot do anything against your 'right to fork' ;) but I'd like to see more cooperation instead of forking. But it's up to you of course. No prob for me in any way.

 - for some weeks I plan to release another milestone of qtermwidget/qterminal to refresh packages etc. Just to have free time.

 - FYI: 'qterm' name is already take (unfortunately) by another SW (a BBS client)

cheers and thanks for interest,

P.S.: I'm subscribing to lxde mailing list right now.

On 10/8/13 8:09 PM, Chris Mueller wrote:
> I see :)
> I have used qterminal's source as inspiration for a small rewrite thanks to its
> straightforward codebase and changed a little the application structure on my
> own preferences. I guess, i'm simple continuing here my work because it
> contains a big set of qterminal's feature (there are currently some things to
> do, but it's not much anymore).
> I'm also already looking into QTermWidget's source which i'd like to extend
> in the future (e.g. several internal features, which are currently not supported
> by QTermWidget interface). In this case i'm focusing on the existing repository which
> i can currently deliver with pull requests.
> I'm also orientating myself on qterminal's issue tracker which also provides
> some helpful hints.
> I'll let you know if i have a complete version :)
> Chris
> Am 08.10.2013, 17:57 Uhr, schrieb Jerome Leclanche <adys.wh@gmail.com>:
>> On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 4:25 PM, Chris Mueller <ruunsmail@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> i've seen lxde-qt is currently not providing a qt-based terminal emulator
>>> in its git repositories and
>>> heard many people are using qterminal instead.
>>> I took the freedom to fork the qterminal sources because it's seems not
>>> updating frequently anymore and
>>> i'm honestly not interested in keeping the portability to MacOS and
>>> windows. (Also refactored some things
>>> for myself).
>> Hi Chris
>> While qterminal is not part of lxde, it is maintained by Petr Vanek
>> who is a Razor/LXDE-Qt dev. However, afaik his real life doesn't leave
>> much time for FOSS work.
>> I CC'd him. It would be nice if someone else could maintain the
>> project, and if we could give commit rights to more people.
>>> I guess, Lxde is currently only aiming for X11. Thus I would like to ask
>>> if you are interested in a terminal
>>> emulator specific for lxde. Then i would provide you the sources and would
>>> like to join your team :-]
>> I don't think there is much point in being "specific to lxde". Between
>> KF5 and our ongoing effort to be as cross-desktop as possible, our
>> goal would rather be not to be. :)
>> We are only targeting Linux but X11 is not the only platform. Wayland
>> is up next, and there's plenty of other potential targets.
>>> My current progress is available at:
>>> https://github.com/ruuns/qterm
>>> Greetings,
>>> Chris
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