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I'm not very active and experienced myself either so my suggestion may not be the best, but I think a good thing to do would be to look through the bug tracker and look for something which looks easy enough for you to fix. Though, as you already said the migration to Qt complicates things because pretty much everything is rewritten, so for most LXDE components your bugfix may not end up in any version of LXDE which will actually be used by anyone. I think that if you want your bugfixes to actually make a difference it's best to work on a component which is independent of GTK/Qt. For as far as I know LibFM and Menu-Cache are possibilities. I believe I've heard sounds about making some menu-cache replacement (not sure about that though) so if you really want your contributions to make a difference it's probably best to contribute to LibFM. I don't know about the coding difficulty of LibFM though.

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On 17-07-13 14:19, Terrance Smith wrote:
Since the migration from GTK to Qt is underway, where is the best place a noob like myself to start fixing stuff?

I've got little bit of experience with both gtk with c and qt with c++ so which ever one is fine. 

Where would you guys prefer guys like me spend our energy?

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