Hello everyone:

I'm a student of informatics sciences in the University of Informatics Sciences of Cuba. I belong to a free software project that aims to provide to the cuban user a stable, functional and lightweight operative system. We have been working on it for a while and recently we made our 4th release. We use as desktop environment a fork of LXDE that we call "Guano" but as we are a reduced team (6 members only) the balance between productivity and time is crucial to us. In this aspect the combination of C and Gtk don't show the best numbers, so we where studding the possibility of creating our on lightweight desktop environment in order to improve the architecture of LXDE and make it more scalable, functional and integrated. But is not wise to start another project and duplicate efforts, instead of that we want to join forces with you to create a fully functional and lightweight desktop environment.

We have done some research and we have some ideas and workforce that could be useful to the cause. In my opinion we must gather and plan the next step in order to make this transition quick and clean. I propose to start a new thread in both mailing lists and coordinate a live chat meeting.

Waiting for your opinion


University of Informatic Sciences (UCI) http://www.uci.cu
Nova Light Development Team http://www.nova.cu
Alexis López Zubieta azubieta@estudiantes.uci.cu