Thanks for your work on lxpanel2! It looks like you are really making a lot of progress. I'm a blind GNU/Linux user and I have a GNU/Linux distro called sonar using the LXDE desktop. it is located here.

The one problem I'm having with my distro is the lxpanel is not accessible and pcmanfm is not accessible. For now I had to use the gnome-panel and nautilus for the file manager. It would be great if accessibility could be considered in the development of lxpanel2. Thanks for all of your work and time.

 On 02/10/2013 06:24 AM, Tomas Forsman wrote:

02/10/2013 11:38 AM, PCMan skrev:
Happy Chinese New Year!
While the original lxpanel got a new maintainer,
I'm still working on lxpanel2 as an experimental project.

Here is a list of recent changes:

1. Multi-monitor support is done. You can put panels on different monitors.

2. Multiple panel support is almost done. You can have any number of
panels, not just four. That means, you can have several panels on the
same side of the screen if you want.

3. Sizing and positioning of panels have been reworked. Layout of
panels became very flexible and can be easily configured via the
preference dialog. Try it now!

4. The preference dialog is now 75% completed. It's Gnome HIG
compliant and more user-friendly than the old lxpanel preference

5. The plugin system is redesigned. I'm going to port existing applets soon.

Some problems that are not solved:

1. I really hate gtk+!!
 In gtk+ 3, the way it allocate sizes for widgets differs greatly from
gtk2 and is not backward compatible.
 So every program using gtk_widget_set_size_request() API stop working
and requires redesign. The API no longer works.
 Some widgets now use width-for-height/height-for-width, and others
use get_preferred_width()/get_preferred_height().
 It's hard to get them right. Some old applets need to be reworked to
overcome the incompatibilities.

2. In old lxpanel, icons wrap automatically when there is enough
height. I'd like to do that in lxpanel2 initially, but I'm not sure if
this is the best way. So all the applets only support single row at
the moment.

3. There is no good way to save config file. Normally, we write the
config file on program termination. However, when logging out a
desktop session, the panel is KILLed via SIGKILL, not SIGTERM in some
window managers. That means, we don't have a chance to write the
config file to disk. It's a old problem existed in lxpanel. I want to
solve it in lxpanel2, but I haven't figure out a better way. Writing
the whole config file everytime a tiny config value is changed is
insane, but it's the only reliable way to get every config value
correctly written to disk. :-(

Anyway, please test the new code if you're interested.


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Possible to fix to work with later automake?
Getting error:
You must have automake > 1.10 or 1.11 installed to compile this program.
Install the appropriate package for your distribution,

1.12 and 1.13 has released. (in meantime, fixing it locally)

// Tomas Forsman

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