Le 08/09/2012 08:53 PM, Giuseppe Penone a écrit :
what you mean with "when the flag image is OK"?
I meant, the size is correct for the "classic" flag.

actually with 1 -> 5 you are scaling the flag *0.5 -> *0.9 after the lxpanel icons side decide by the user.
I understand you would like to have a position 6 where the flag has the same size as defined on the
panel icons size, I'll do it as soon as I'll have a couple of hours.
Yes, it should be better, thanks :-) I'll test it with the next round of modifications.

I understand that you manage the lxde code to bring to Lubuntu,
let me ask you if you have plans to insert in Lubuntu an indicator
that allows for quick remove of ejectable drives (whith no need to go through the file manager).
what about ejecter (https://launchpad.net/ejecter/) ?

If you don't like ejecter, would you be interested in a new lxpanel plugin that takes care of it or
you think there's no need of it?
We never heard such requests, so it's not really a priority for us. But fixing / improving the xkb plugin was one usual request :-)

One last thing just to present what I'm working on lately on the lxpanel: I already merged the two
plugins launchbar and taskbar in a single plugin, the goal is that the user will be able to add/remove launchers
just right clicking on a task button (kind of 'keep in launcher' in unity) and furthermore I want to hide the
launcher when the task button is displayed to save space, to open new instances of an already launched application
there will be a new right click menu item on a task button.
When there will be a first fully working version I'll write here for anybody wants to try it out.
Sounds like a feature Awn dock have for a long time, which is really really nice. I remember talking to the guys which worked on it, and the matching between the application running and the corresponding launchbar / desktop entry was not trivial at all. For Unity, they use a daemon named "bamf" ( https://launchpad.net/bamf), which do the matching. Maybe you can add an option to use it, it may make your life easier :-)

Julien Lavergne