Le 01/29/2012 04:43 PM, Stephan Sokolow a écrit :
On my LXDE desktop, I use gmrun because I want command history and 
autocompletion. However, it has several major flaws (including not 
processing ~ shorthand and lacking xdg-open integration)

As a result, back at the end of December, I started working on 
modernized, GTK+ 3.x rewrite as a way to familiarize myself with Vala.

The config is still hard-coded (I'll be using gtk.KeyFile for it) and I 
still need to implement history and auto-complete, but the code is clean 
and the features gmrun lacks are done.

I was hoping to wait until it was more complete before making you guys 
aware of it, but since I have courses starting in a couple of days and 
I'm not sure what that'll do to my time, here's the link now in case 
anyone is curious.

Do you look at synapse : https://launchpad.net/synapse-project ?
It's also a launcher written in Vala, with the possibility (but not the need) to use zeitgeist.

Julien Lavergne