Le 11/30/2011 05:23 AM, PCMan a écrit :
Looks quite good generally and source code written in vala is much more readable then GObject/C. :-)
Some comments:

Thanks for the comments, I added them to the TODO list. I'm not sure about the timing to implement them :)

Next plan is to release it in PPA for wider testing. I consider it now "stable" and with at least the same features than before the rewrite.
If there is no complain, I'm going to merge it in trunk, and prepare it for an alpha release (

I plan to follow the Ubuntu schedule for lxsession, which mean :
 * No new features on February (the final list of features will depend on the time I have).
 * Some beta releases during February / March
 * String freeze on March
 * A final version at the end of March

Julien Lavergne