Hi PCMan,
Thanks for looking at the previous work.

I agree with your proposal for the Background section in the config file. That would make it much better than using libmenu-cache.

I also use a the config file to set BACKGROUND_STYLE as you have suggested, but I have not given the style it's own section.

I am not sure how you would set simple colors, although I do believe cairo has a basic color set that you could use.

I will send you the files to test on your branch.

PCMan wrote:
Hi, I already saw the patch.
I, however, prefer putting the background settings in config file,
rather than modifying libmenu-cache since this is useless to all other
programs using it.
Previously I wanna add complex theming support, but now I think we
should at least make some things work first rather than make a lot of
complicated plans,
but make nothing work.

So, my new proposal is as follows:
Have a section called [Background] in settings.conf.


<Category name>=<center=1,streth=2,tile=3,...>, <image file path>

In this way, config file can be quite simple. (but what about
background colors?)
Anyway, putting those config in a config file is quite simple, and the user can
change the background image for each category(application folder) easily.

Any comment?

On Fri, May 15, 2009 at 4:35 AM, Brent McCarthy wrote:
Thanks for the new work.

I don't know if you have seen the patch I had sent before that mario posted
on the Tracker for me: 2666710 lxlauncher-background.patch. I have continued
testing your work on debian XFCE and on an OLPC machine. It works great.

I have implemented the current changes made to the trunk for the button
sizes in the settings.conf. I have also extended settings.conf to include a
background file.

I have taken the changes I made to the previous lxlauncher-background.patch
and reimplemented them to work with your code. These would include changes
to menu-cache.

Since this work is being done on a branch I was wondering if I should submit
it to the Tracker or just send it to you? I am new to lxde and the way
things get done here.


PCMan wrote:
Hi all,
I'm now reworking LXLauncher and I've created a branch called
All of the buttons are now painted with cairo and there was no real
button widgets.
This way, things can become faster, and resource usage can be lowered.
Besides, we can freely draw what we want without doing some dirty
Now it's 90% complete. Please get it tested.
If everything works find, I'm going to add background support to it.


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