On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 09:55, shiki.biomernok <shiki.biomernok@gmail.com> wrote:

I wonder if thats possible. I mean, I've got a friend who is totally
blind. He uses Gnome with ORCA and with espeak, speakup, etc. I helped
him out for a lot of times. Last time when I saw Knoppix release news I
thought WHOOAH I should tell him ASAP. Since Gnome is sluggish, and so
on and so on.

So. Is the Knoppix LXDE accessible ?

It certainly claims to be, but I haven't used those features.
If yes, then if you are fine with
it, I can create a "spin" with these "features".

Sounds fantastic - this might be a side-track, I liked Knoppix enough that I looked into installing it to hard disk, but unfortunately it's really hard, not a good idea for newbies. I'm sure there's a lot of good things to use from Knoppix, even aside from accessibility.

Its not that hard at
all (my friend creates accessible spins/live discs, and his friend (who
is also blind) develops the official distro for blinds in Hungary,

Best Regards and thank you in advance.
Zsolt aka. Shiki

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