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Author: robinzrants

LXDE has always been excessively buggy for me on every 'buntu and every 'buntu-based variant I've tried. It shows alot of promise and I sure wish the project well, but I wonder if the folks at Canonical have "done something to LXDE" to make it so difficult on Ubuntu. It runs great on Debian, PCLinuxOS, even Mepis. But on any Ubuntu flavor, it crashes, mutes audio, disables normal shutdown, and "argues" with HAL. U-Lite, Masonux, Lubuntu-desktop (which REALLY sucks) - all have these annoying bugs which simply don't appear when LXDE is applied to non-Ubuntu-based Linux. I wonder what's up with that? But it does help explain the long delays in the Lubuntu project I guess.

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